RBA Response to Recent Events Concerning Racism and Injustice

The Richmond Bar Association stands for equal justice under the law for all its members, all citizens of the United States and of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The RBA condemns all acts of racism, xenophobia and the unjust treatment of any group of citizens. Through our mission of cultivating and advancing the cause of jurisprudence; facilitating and improving the administration of justice; promoting the delivery of legal services to the entire community; promoting an increased understanding by the public of the legal system and respect for the law; inculcating and enhancing the highest standards of ethical conduct, integrity, dignity and honor; continuing the legal education of its members; and encouraging courtesy among all members of the legal profession, including Bench and Bar, it is the aim of the Richmond Bar Association to fight these injustices.

As attorneys we embrace our roles as problem solvers, community servants and vital cogs in the wheels of justice. We welcome the conversations which must take place to advance the Rule of Law and to see that all members of our society have equal access to justice. We anticipate that our members will be a vital part of these discussions moving forward. It is the hope of the Richmond Bar Association that these difficult times will result in healing the divisions in our society and ultimately the end of injustice everywhere.