Business Law Section

The Business Law Section serves as a focal point for members interested in meeting other business lawyers, exchanging practice information on handling business transactions, and enhancing professionalism in the practice of business law.  Annual section dues are $30 in addition to being a member of the Richmond Bar Association.  JOIN


Business Law Practice Tips

Following are links to a series of practice tips for members of the RBA Business Law Section. If you have any suggestions for future topics or matters, please share them with David Ruby, the Chairman of the Section.

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Dec-2014|Virginia LLC Update: Bankruptcy Court Refuses to Impose Fiduciary Duty of Loyalty on a Manager of a Virginia LLC
Dec-2014|Virginia Corporate Law Update: Federal Court Rules in Favor of Virginia Corporation in Public Company Merger Litigation
Oct-2013|Is that Interest Coupled or Naked?”
Sept- 2013|Perfecting a Security Interest in an LLC Membership Interest in Virginia
May-2013|The Power Paradox: Minority Shareholder Dissolution
Apr-2013 |Trademark License Rejection in Bankruptcy
Mar-2013|Unintended Consequences of Consequential Damages Waivers
Oct-2012|Directors’ and Managers’ Ability to Limit or Exclude Liability
Sep-2012|Fairfax County Judge Orders Judicial Dissolution in the Face of Minority Shareholder Oppression
Aug-2012 |Buyer Beware: Reliance Disclaimers During Due Diligence
Jul-2012|Individual Shareholder Derivative Suits and Judicial Dissolution
Apr-2012|Loss Causation and Class Certification After Halliburton
Mar-2012|Shareholder Inspection Rights and “Proper Purpose” in a Social Entrepreneurship Context
Jan-2012|Drafting: A Solution for theConsistently Inconsistent Use of Shall