Private Conversation Series

“Overcoming Implicit Bias”

The Private Conversation Series program on Overcoming Implicit Bias that was held on February 25, 2021 is available for download!


Implicit bias can influence our understanding, actions and decisions without us realizing it. We each carry around our own unique beliefs, perceptions, and understandings of who we think people are and we take those beliefs into our work world each day. As our society continues to become more diverse, it is more important than ever that we learn how to recognize implicit bias, understand its role in our interactions with others, and work to counter its influence.

Our distinguished panel discussed what implicit bias is, how to recognize it, and how to work toward a shared understanding of diversity, equality, and inclusion:

Mona Siddiqui, the Governors Deputy Chief Diversity Officer and Senior Policy Advisor; Beth Panilaitis, DE&I Manager at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond; Meriel Martinez, Professional Development Coordinator at the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities; Darius Johnson, V.P. of Employee Engagement and Development at Dominion Energy; and Moderator: Karen Elliott, labor & employment attorney at Eckert Seamans.