YLS Annual Meeting

Event Details

Notice of Nominating Committee

Pursuant to Section 4.07 of the By-Laws of the Section, a Nominating Committee was appointed to nominate officers and Executive Committee members for election at the Section’s Annual Meeting and nominated the following individuals for their respective positions:

Allison F. Rienecker, Chair
Joel R. McCLellan, Chair-Elect
William J. Egen, Secretary
Alexandria E. Cuff, Immediate Past Chair

Executive Committee Members:
Shannan M. Fitzgerald
Barry D. Gabay
Reilly C. Moore
Shevarma T. Pemberton
Douglas E. Pitman
Katherine M. Rockwell

At the Section’s Annual Meeting, the officers and Executive Committee members named above will be presented for election.

Join your friends and colleagues at the outside space at Brambly Park, 1708 Belleville Street, Richmond, VA 23230. Snack and drinks will be provided, and please have those planning on attending email Alex Cuff acuff@mcguirewoods.com for quorum purposes.