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The Richmond Lawyer’s Auxiliary voted to disband at our January 29, 2015 membership meeting, due to the lack of volunteers needed to keep docent programs and club functions in operation.  Our final meeting will be a Spring Luncheon membership meeting at the Westwood Club.  Our speaker will be Bill Obrochta from the Virginia Historical Society who will give a power point presentation on the changes taking place at the VHS.

RLA’s Henrico Docent Program Chairmen have made arrangements with the schools so that the teachers can continue the tours.  The Henrico Bar has agreed to help with the program as it has done in the past, as well as take over the organizational duties to help the teachers continue the program.  The following Henrico middle schools were scheduled for the Henrico Court Docent Program tour for the Fall semester of 2014-2015: Brookland, Holman, Elko, Moody, Wilder, Tuckahoe, Fairfield, Pocahontus, Short Pump, Byrd and Rolfe.  The Bar requests help from any of our members who have served as docents in the past.

Richmond Lawyers Auxiliary is a social organization formed for the purpose of promoting and endorsing the Richmond area Court Docent Program, to encourage fellowship and goodwill among the spouses of lawyers and judges, and to help to maintain the honor and dignity of the profession of law.

The Richmond area Court Docent Program provides a hands-on experience to learn about the judicial systems of Henrico County, the City of Richmond and the Commonwealth of Virginia. The main thrust of the program is to introduce students to the judicial systems by providing tours of the courts and jails.

The Richmond Court Docent Program has been in continuous operation in the City of Richmond for thirty years and Henrico Court Docent Program has been in continuous operation for nearly the same length of time. These programs foster community improvement by helping 8th grade students make wise choices, by enriching the social studies curriculum and by promoting good citizenship.

Docent Programs

The Henrico and Richmond Court Docent Programs have enjoyed a successful Spring semester of 2013 with many middle school students taking tours.  For the Fall semester of 2013 eight grade students from twelve Henrico County middle schools have visited the Henrico Courts, detention center and jail accompanied by teachers and docents.  An attorney also goes with the class and makes a follow up visit to the classroom.

The Richmond Court Docent Program has taken eight grade civics students from eight schools on tours since the start of this semester in October.  One hundred and ten students from these schools visited circuit and general district courts and juvenile and domestic relations court. The tour of the jail has been temporally discontinued.

Richmond Lawyers Auxiliary has receved this message from the American Lawyers Alliance:

“We are again so privileged to honor this Model Court Docent Program for the Nation, conducted by this auxiliary for more than 30 years. This ongoing and outstanding program educates 8th graders in the city of Richmond and the county of Henrico about the court system. It entails extensive “before & after” follow up in the classroom with docents from the auxiliary and involvement of attorney volunteers.”