Committees : Judiciary

The Judiciary Committee is responsible for implementing the policy and procedures of the Plan of the Association for Endorsement of Candidates for Judicial Office. Membership includes a representative sampling of the Association and the community and consists of persons of recognized standing, judgment and independence who represent a broad range of social, economic and practical backgrounds.

Committee Members

Douglas R. Burtch, Chair
Michael E. Harman
Robert L. Harris, Jr.
Deanna H. Hathaway
Belinda D. Jones
Patricia C. McCullagh
Christopher L. Perkins
Patricia B. Turner
Antoinette M. Walker
Justin W. Ward

Lay Members:

Timothy R. Gerde
Marianne Jarvis
Henry R. “Hank” Miller IV
Gerald L. Richardson

At Large Board of Directors:

R. Braxton Hill IV
Paul D. Hux

Ex-officio Member
J. Tracy Walker IV