Committees: 2016 Bench Bar Conference

The Bench Bar Committee was established by the Board of Directors to plan and organize the Bench Bar Conference including scheduling, content, speakers and related logistics. The Committee is comprised of representatives from local geographic and specialty bars as well as members of the judiciary.

Committee Members

Amanda E. DeBerry Co-Chair
Crystal Foster Fitzgerald Co-Chair
Hon. James S. Yoffy Honorary Chair
Jason M. Hart Henrico County Bar Association
Susan L. Parrish Henrico County Bar Association
Stacy E. Lee HillTucker Bar Association
Jontille D. Ray Hill-Tucker Bar Association
Erica L. Giovanni Chesterfield Bar Association
Anne Roddy Chesterfield Bar Association
Julie E. McConnell Metro Richmond Women's Bar
Joley L. Steffens Metro Richmond Women's Bar
Devika E. Davis Richmond Criminal Bar
Sara M. Gaborik Richmond Criminal Bar
Davis Powell Richmond Criminal Bar
Jenifer M. Fox Metro Richmond Family Law Bar
Shannon Otto Metro Richmond Family Law Bar
Julia A. Childrey Hanover County Bar Association
Charles L. Williams Hanover County Bar Association
Alexandria E. Cuff Richmond Bar Association
Kyle R. Elliott Richmond Bar Association


Hon. Lynn S. Brice Chesterfield Circuit Court
Hon. G. Barton Chucker Henrico General District Court
Hon. B. Craig Dunkum Henrico General District Court
Hon.  John A. Gibney, Jr. U.S. District Court
Hon. Marla Graff Decker VA Court of Appeals
Hon. Phillip L. Hairston Richmond Circuit Court
Hon. Keith N. Hurley Chesterfield General District Court
Hon. Randall G. Johnson, Jr. Henrico J&DR Court
Hon. Vanessa L. Jones Chesterfield J&DR Court
Hon. W. Reilly Marchant Richmond Circuit Court
Hon. Matthew D. Nelson Chesterfield General District Court
Hon. Jayne A. Pemberton Chesterfield J&DR District Court
Hon. Beverly W. Snukals Richmond Circuit Court
Hon. Tracy Thorne-Begland Richmond General District Court
Hon. Ashley K. Tunner Richmond J&DR Court
Hon. Frank Uvanni Hanover J&DR Court
Hon. Richard S. Wallerstein Henrico Circuit Court